Music Tag Editor Support

1. Working with top buttons:

  • Import : import files or folders from local disks.
  • Download all covers: Download artwork for all files in Library
  • Restore All: Reload all tags of all files from local files, ignore all changes
  • Save All: Save all tags of all files in Library
  • Important: If you want to batch editing of tags, check the “Apply to all”  check box beside each tag, And then Click “Save All”.


2. Working with Library operations

 According to order:
  • Import files all folders to Library.
  • Remove selected files in the Library.
  • Clear all files in Library.
  • Reveal selected file in Finder.
  • Quick look selected file.
  • Move up selected file.
  • Move down selected file.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.34.33 AM

From left to right, The column means:
  • File status : green: Clean  red: Edited or dirty  Warn: File not exist.
  • # : The index of the file in Library.
  • File name.
  • Artist of the file.

3. Download artworks

  1. Switch to “Artwork” tab of edit panel.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.40.27 AM

  1. Click “Download Artwork” at bottom to download artwork for current file, Click “Download all covers” on top to download artworks for all files.

 Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.41.52 AM    downall

Important: If you find out the “Download Artwork” button is disabled, You may want to check if the “Artist” and ”Album” is available, if not, just fill the field in “Tag Info” to tell app how to download artwork.

4. How to manipulate Track Number of music files


Choose AutoIncrease to Auto calculate the Track number of files  In Library. This can help easily edit the track number of files. When you want to rename files with edited track number. You can choose “Track number” option of rename tab which I will explain later. Or you can also edit it by hand.

5. Batch rename files in Library

1. Go to the “Rename” Tab of edit panel
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.21.23 AM
2. Check the top checkbox to enable it.
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.21.39 AM
3. Drag elements to Formats field that you want to rename file with
4. Preview it And see if it is what you want.
5. Click Save current to rename current file.
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.26.19 AM
6. Check “Apply to all” And click “Save all” on top button to Batch rename files in Library.
Important: If you receive following message all dialog. it is mostly because that the parent folder of file is not writable.
Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.30.25 AM  Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.30.34 AM
In this situation. Just do what the app tells you to do.Click Authorize or drag the parent folder of files to Library.

6. Preferences

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.38.30 AM

The checkbox is telling App that weather to remove APE Tags or ID3v1 Tags that already exist in MP3 files.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 1.38.46 AM

Trusted Paths

Using Music Tag Editor as Rename tool can require to set access permission to paths when running sandboxed app under OSX.

Why we need trusted paths

Starting from OSX Lion applications run in the so called sandbox that is an isolated and secure environment.

Applications accessing to file system (reading file, listing a folder) need explicitly that user gives permission to application.

User gives his permission to access to a file (or folder) selecting it from a file panel or dragging path to application.

Music Tag Editor prompts a file panel when it can’t access to a file due to permission error, after user selection the path is stored as trusted so next time it isn’t necessary to re-prompt.

Use trusted paths

When rename files in Library, the app need to access the parent folder of file, it may failed to rename file when the app do not has permission to access the folder. Trusted paths resolve this problem, applications save files always on their own specific temporary folders.

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16 thoughts on “Music Tag Editor Support

    • There is a known bug that when save album image of FLAC file, It may cause the abnormal of Playing at some Flac Player. remove All Album image of Flac file in Music Tag Editor Can solve this problem. Thanks for your feedback. the bug will be repaired at next update.

  1. Can artwork be downloaded as separate .jpgs or are they only embedded in the files?

    Thank you, Philip Bergman

  2. Hi there, like the app but still wondering how it should work to rename the tags by filename. What does the cryptical term \ {d2} mean? I tried d3, d4, e2, e4 and so on but with no success… Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance and a nice weekend to all of you!

  3. Hi,

    Just did the update to the last version 2.5.0 published this night, and now the app doesn’t lauch with OX 10.10 DP6, instead of the previous version that was working fine. Now, it’s not possible for me to continue my dev work as i use Music Tag Editor a lot… Please help : any idea ?

    Thx a lot

  4. Do you have any examples for the filename to tags? e.g. How do I extract the tags from this filename: 02. Heroes
    Where the 02 is the track number & Heroes is the track name?

    The examples on the wikipedia link is confusing, what does this mean & how does this work with your program?
    $string1 = “Hello World\n”;
    if ($string1 =~ m/(H..).(o..)/) {
    print “We matched ‘$1’ and ‘$2’\n”;

  5. I really like the music tag editor which I purchased via App Store. The one minor thing that would be helpful is, since it seems to work fine with .m4a and .flac files, if you could update your associated extensions to include those, and all of the others the app supports, so that MTE come up in the list of “Open With” applications, rather than having to go to “Other…” and navigate to the MTE app.

    I know its minor, but it would be a convenience.



  6. I also need a help how to get the filename to tags to work. I bought this app just because of this feature. I already read the wiki page but I can’t crack it.
    My file name is 01 – Title

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