Music Tag Editor 2.4.1 Released,Totally new!

What’s new in Music Tag Editor 2.4.1:

1. Update taglib core to neweset version, speed up when reading and saving tags.
2. Add Filename to Tags function,Batch convert the filenamt to tags using regular expressions.
3. Add shortcut to select next or previous tab.
4. Fix bugs that dismiss space between tags while rename.
5. Add new Rename tag items.
6. Remember the rename format while the format changed.
7. Move the folder to trusted path while import the folder.

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Ultra Music Converter 2.0 Released.

Ultra Music Converter is a convenient and easy Utility tool for Exporting your favorite audio formats. the Exporting formats are compatible with popular needs and most of the devices. and tag editting for mp3,m4a is fully supported.
Also Ultra Music Converter can help you easily extract and convert the audio content from video formats.

What’s new in 2.0:

1. Update the core of converter, improve stability of conversion.
2. User experience Optimization, Support seek while playing music.
3. Put file info to a drawer.
4. bugs fixes.

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Music Tag Editor 2.1.1 Released

Music Tag Editor can help you to edit your Music Tag info easily and effectively,Batch edit all tags and batch rename with metadata. You also can download the album image for MP3 from internet.

What’s new in 2.1.1:

  1.  Fix bug that when rename files, the Tag info failed to save.
  2.  Add function that auto increase track number, batch modify track number in one click.
  3.  Add “Track number” option at “Rename” tab, now you can rename each file with “Track number”.
  4.  Add Help menu item.
  5.  Other bug fixes.


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Music Tag Editor 2.1.0 Released!

What’s new in Music Tag Editor 2.1.0

1. Fully compatible with osx 10.6.6 and later
2. Add more audio formats support, now supported mp3 m4a FLAC, APE, Ogg files.
3. Optimal performance of import and saving.
4. repair some crashes when import audios.
5. fix bugs that sort failed when library is filtered with keywords.
6. fix bugs that save tracknumber and total tracks failed.
7. Support strip APE or ID3V1 tags in mp3 files. Add preference window.
8. support “apply to all” option to title and total tracks.


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How to Edit MP3 Tags

For those who want to edit mp3 tags in Mac OSX iTunes may be one choice. But you have to edit one by one, So use iTunes may be not so easy and sufficient! If you have found this, then you can try “Music Tag Editor”, which is continuing Updating!  Now let me show you how to:

  1. Download Music Tag Editor on Mac Appstore,Currently 2.1.0 is available.
  2. Open Music Tag Editor, then drag audio files(mp3 or m4a) to the left library. Now you can preview every tags of every files. And you can quick look the audio by space key.
  3. Move to the second tag named “Tag Info”, you can see the tags, now edit it if you want, and edit others, the red light point out that the file is edited and dirty!
  4. With the steps you also can add artworks and lyrics to every audio files.
  5. When All edit is finished. you can save one by one by click the bottom “Save” button. Or “Save All” on toolbar to perform batch saving.
  6. If you want to replace one tag of every files with one tag in a file. just check the “Apply to all” option beside the tag, and then perform “Save All” operation. then it will be saved to every files in library
  7. The last tag named “Rename” can be very useful if you want to batch edit audio files’ name. you can rename every files with the metadata info by dragging them to proper location.

Now all work have done perfectly! Enjoy!

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